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F.E.P.E. stands for Flat Earth People Everywhere. The #FEPE Character was born and presented in one of IPS's live stream videos on YouTube. As far as I know it was designed by Kyle MacDonald (@OneRedPaperClip on Twitter). This piece of info might be corected if I am wrong. So feel free to drop me an e-mail in case you know this is inaccurate. It replaces PEPE the frog and it became the main icon in the #flatearth movement. You can find it on most of the flat earth memes that are flooding the internet right now. The vector file is available on Gumroad for those who want to create their own stickers, T-shirts, mugs, prints, etc.

IPS is a true pioneer in the contemporan #flatearth movement. He was the first one to raise money through funding campaigns in order to implement the ideas flowing in every think-tank hosted on his YouTube channel (Infinite Plane Society). IPS came with the idea of paying huge billboards across the United States promoting "RESEARCH FLAT EARTH" encouragement graphics. First billboard of this kind was also advertised on CBS News. It was present east on Interstate 76 near the Philadelphia International Airport. This billboard was also seen by "MAD" Mike Hughes (rocket engineer and dare-devil), who called IPS and things went even further. At the end of that discution it was set that people within Flat Earth Community will fund the presence of "Research Flat Earth" stickers on the roket which would help people all over the plane to brake the controversy over the shape of the earth. Learn more about this topic by visiting the daily plane.

Another premiere in the flat earth community was the way IPS is moderating his YouTube live streams, giving mod wrenches to all vetted subscribers; this way keeping the chat room cleared of trolls, optimizing the place for very efficient think-tanks. His strategy is now used on many other flat earth YouTube channels. Worth to mention on of the quickest mods out there: Salute @TOTO Cult a.k.a. The Blue Wrench Squad Lodge Tailor. Illustration on the right by Peter Lexa (@peter_lexa on Twitter).

Be sure to check the chat rules before entering an IPS live stream. If you want a wrench, in order to be able to participate in those live streams, send an e-mail to: For more genial strategies and the latest flat earth moves on the realm's chess board visit flat earth network. Here you will find cutting edge info from the very best of today's researchers in this field. In the end of this article I would like to thank IPS and let him know I am grateful for his service to others. Peace on the flat plane!